“About” pages are such a daunting task, One I think that I might edit and add to (or completely rework) in stages.

The purpose of this blog is a kind of interactive journalling. Journalling of my life in its totality but unfortunately MOST of my life is controlled by mental illness – predominantly Anorexia Nervosa (B/P subtype) and Depression. It’s been about 8 years (I’m 26 now). I receive the disability pension and though I’ve attempted university in the past (and am currently deferred) but have repeatedly been forced to withdraw. For the last 5 years I’ve been subjected to a multitude of voluntary and (mostly) INvoluntary hospital admissions and outpatient treatment. Australia REALLY needs to reassess its legal treatment of the mentally ill.

2017 So Far (some may be late 2016, my memory is fucked for reasons below)
– Attempted Suicide, failed
– Psychiatrist revoked my Involuntary Treatment Order (ITO)
– Had 12 ECT’s (Electro-Contulsive Therapy), helped a little
– Had 16ish ECT’s, no help just a fuckload of cognitive sideeffects so I withdrew consent